Broadway Shows

Whenever I think of broadway shows only one place comes to mind, New York City, of course!  If you search the web for it there are dozens of listings all pertaining to theaters in New York.  Mamma Mia, The Lion King, Hairspray, Wicked, The Producers, Chorus Line, the list goes on and on with these fabulous musicals that we are more than eager to pay big bucks for and wait in lines for.  The glamour that has always surrounded Broadway is continually reaffirmed  when we see the patrons dressed up in their best to go enjoy the fantasy that these shows capture us with over and over again.  Imagine, if you will, you are sitting down in a red velvet chair that the usher has just lead you to, you are staring at the curtain which hangs protectively in front of the stage.  All of a sudden the lights dim, the crowds muffled voices trail off, and the curtain retracts divulging the secrets it was hiding behind. For the next few hours you are submerged into a story where characters incorporate song and dance that will bring you tears of joy and laughter.  For this fact alone, Broadway Shows have become a classic way to spend a fantastic night in New York City.

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