Indie-Rock Band Bloom Blossoms

Calling all music fans: if you guys have not yet heard the sweet strummings of Bloom, tune in and get ready to be blown away by one kick-ass band. These guys hail from Salt Lake City and we think have the stuff to really go the distance. We at Bright Lights Business have actually made them an offer to sponsor them, and send the whole band to the famed Coachella music festival this April. These guys are so rockstar, we want them to be a part of the Coachella experience in whatever way possible—see what they can create out of such an awesome experience. We’ve got our fingers crossed that they are in…

Bloom’s guitarist, Joshua Voiles, admitted that it has been a lifelong dream to be involved with Coachella. He told us, “Ever since I was a little punk-rock kid, noodling around and sleeping with my guitar… Year after year I’ve seen bands playing Coachella, and I always dreamed about sharing the stage with the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Tool. I literally used to crank my amp and play the guitar in my stinky little room—painted black and covered in posters, naturally—late at night, pretending to be playing for a crowd of thousands of people. I’d get surges of adrenaline as if it was actually happening. It was freaking cool.”

You have got to check these guys out if my sterling review has not made you Google search them yet! Their music has an indie/rock/alternative feel, and their debut album “Photosynthesis” has brought them over 10,000 sold units on iTunes. Their song “Fight for Greatness” is featured on the Rock Band 3 video game network, but their bold jam “How Dare You” is one of my personal favorites. It has reached close to 40,000 views on YouTube. Not only is Bloom musically talented, but they’re focused on helping raise awareness and consciousness of youth—even launching an online video community with the goal to increase World Awesome and decrease World Suck.

Anybody looking to support this foursome (Bloom is comprised of a piano and vocalist front man, a beautiful female drummer, a shredding lead guitarist, and a seasoned rock bassist) can visit their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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