New York Nightlife

At the end of a long day at work what is the one thing you want that you know will give you that satisfying “ahhh” moment when you swallow?  I’ll give you a hint, it starts with an M and ends in tini!  Whether you like it shaken or stirred, olive or onion, Cosmo or Ketel we can all agree that a well deserved cocktail with friends is the perfect way to end a workday and get out into some New York nightlife.

Of course everyone has different tastes.  Some are more of the kick back with a beer and watch the game type, while others want nothing more than to get out of their pencil skirts and blazers, throw on their favorite little black dress and go to the new hotspot lounge to catch up with friends and then off to dance the night away at the best clubs.

No matter which style is yours, or if yours is somewhere in between, but finding a great spot to go to after work is a must!!

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