Nighttime Entertainment

Entertainment is a huge industry worldwide not just here in the States.
It is such a broad category that ranges from movies, to concerts, to symphonies, to fashion shows, and gallery openings.
From restaurants and bars, to galas, and barbecues.  Whatever your nighttime entertainment of choice is, make sure to mix it up!

Everyone has their own idea of what a good evening is, of course, but one of the most important things I have noticed is to not always do what you are used to because then you will eventually get sick of it!

So much of our nighttime culture in the US involves and is totally based around drinking.
This is a dangerous cultural norm because many younger people don’t understand that events that are based around alcohol are not the only types of entertainment out there.  I recently sat down with a group of my friends because we were getting fed up with always ending up at clubs or bars because we felt like that was what we were “supposed” to be doing on a Friday night, and then getting there and realizing that we weren’t even enjoying it.

We all pitched ideas and researched cool activities to do instead of going and standing at a bar and drinking.  Go online to find out what fun things are going on in your area (trust me there will many things you never knew about) and try some of them out!  You will meet new people and find new things interesting that you never even knew existed before.

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